Morning Pages - Week 1 Day 3

7:20 AM

Today is Friday and not just any Friday but the one before Christmas week, which can only bring us to one conclusion: today is in fact a Saturday disguised as Friday. Noone in the US will actually work. There will be heavy pretending and long idle hours. Even if you wanted to work, your colleagues or your contacts in other companies will take that away from you pretty quickly. Yeah, no one works on the Friday right before Christmas but we all make good money.

I'm thinking what if we shut down all companies on days like this and not pay white collars, what would happen? How much money would countries actually save and what would they do with that money? Would the government pocket it or would it do something that is actually useful for its citizens? I'm probably being paranoid, sorry. You see I'm from Turkey. Beautiful, beautiful place to visit. I mean where do I begin? Gorgeous scenery, unearthly food with a history that can go back so far that we could probably say this is where mankind started out its civilization journey. I love my country, love it to death. But I decided not to live there, right? Why was that? It's because of the biggest mistake we did back when we were struggling to define how to exist within a cohesive system as a society; we created governments. Why, oh why did we do that....That system is not working anymore...We need to come up with a better solution to coexist. It might have been a good solution hundreds of years ago but it's definitely not what the 21st century men need anymore.

About Turkey...Well let's put it this way, Turkey's government has become so dysfunctional that there is not one single societal area, where we're not suffering. Primary education - left crippled; cannot keep up with established education system's running pace thanks to technological achievements. Healthcare - barely breathing; if your doctors are overworked and your pharmacists are grossly underpaid, well overall health levels do not improve. Pretty simple, isn't it...Finance - OMG; no accountability, no transparency, no legality. Basic human rights...Freedom of speech...Free press...Gender equality...Religious freedom...Urban development...Improvement of life expectancy....I mean I will stop here. Like I said, I cannot think of one single area, where Turkish society is not suffering right now. Is that to say that US is doing a much better job than Turkey - or any other country- in all of these areas of concern? Phew. Absolutely not all of them, but some of them to some degree. 

Having lived outside the US for 24 years, I know very well that there used to be a huge misconception about living in the US. To outsiders, life here seemed...well...richer, right? And more colorful, better even! Roads were rainbow colors and traffic police were unicorns. Well maybe not, but you get the picture. That image was wiped out clean after 9/11 and the international turmoil that followed.

I came after 9/11 in fact, knowing that it wasn't as pretty in the US as it once seemed to the world. People were poor and unhealthy -which is inevitably a never ending cycle. There were quite a few psychopaths and guns were free, which consistently kept leading to shocking school shootings that left families in unimaginable pain. And then there were natural disasters that wiped out big cities. Help was less than insufficient and people were too tired, too desperate to even feel angry. What was behind all this drama? Government.  I am telling you, we, the mankind have to come up with a new solution to continue our existence. We can keep living as separate  nations or agree that we are the same kind regardless of skin color, the way we chose the worship a higher power or culturally unique shit like how we salute each other. You know...We might do things differently but we are the same. It's not like one of us is an ant and the other is an elephant. We are all human beings.

Earth is too tired for our societal class shit. We cannot keep consuming anymore, we just have to find a way to minimize consumption. Earth is done people. We consumed it. What's next, Mars? And then what...I don't know...Thinking about us as mankind depresses me. But thinking about us as Turkish nation, also depresses me. I think the only way I don't feel too desperate about future is by thinking about us as my husband, my cat and I; and my family; and my friends. Sometimes even all that is too much and all I want to think about is me, myself and I.

So that is the reason I preferred an underperforming US government to a dysfunctional Turkish government. I was tired of constantly watching a suffering nation, whose only concern was "us, as in Turkish nation". For mankind to evolve, man first needs to evolve as an individual. If you're no good for yourself, you will never be good for anyone to do anything. If where I live doesn't provide me with the best means to let myself learn and evolve, I will move on. Pardon my straightforwardness but the way we used to know nationalism as it has been since beginning of time is not helping us anymore. That is not to say, we all need to lose individual cultural identities and act as one. On the contrary, we should definitely protect our identity but we need to work with each other, not against. 

I'm pretty sure that is the exact reason for many others as well to immigrate to the US . And please don't misjudge the concept of immigration. When I say immigrant, I really mean every single person living in the United States of America. Everyone here is an immigrant, it's just a matter of when, not if.

I didn't chose to live here because I thought it was a super power nor did I think unicorns controlled the traffic. I chose to live here because I wanted to evolve, be better as an individual so that I can do better things for people around me, for the country I was born in, for countries that I really like and for the world as a whole because I want the world and everyone in it to survive and thrive. You cannot survive if you don't take care of yourself.

8:09AM (I'm definitely late, shit)