What is this?

I woke up. I thought I would feel ridiculous sitting at the kitchen table at 6 in the morning while I could be snuggled up in bed with my husband and start snoozing my alarm clock around 7 until 7.45 BUT I didn't.

I thought I would question in depth the necessity of waking up at 6 am only to try (and possibly fail) to scribble down bits and pieces of writing that has an off chance of coming close, at best, to literary writing BUT I didn't. I thought all these things because she said I might have. Julia. Julia Cameron. She's the author of the book that got me doing this at first place- the morning pages as she refers to them. The book is called The Artist's Way.

Am I an artist? She said I would ask that question. The answer is "I hesitate before I can answer" (She also said this would happen, she's a clever one I'm telling you) If I cannot say yes then the answer must be no. But no. It's not no because I cannot answer NO either. What am I? Just another human being trying to figure shit out. Since Julia already correctly presumed 3 questions (and answers) I asked myself, I decided to try her routine a little.

It starts with me, waking up. If I can get my ass off that bed and drag my feet to the kitchen table, where I sit down and write down 3 full pages of early morning blabber before I take any caffeine into my system, I succeed. As simple as that. No other rules. No literary concerns, no grammer mistakes, no content guidance. Just me, three pages of blank paper and a pen. Nada mass, except morning pages are not meant to be shared with anyone or even read by me. That is the big rule in this game. I...like rules better when I call them. So my rules for morning pages will be:

1. Be purely de(e)caf.
2. Be as honest and open as you possibly can (that means I WILL be honest. No offense)
3. Share the heck out of it.

Parental discretion is absolutely advised and on a more personal note, please remember that all art is born from real life and you are a real person so please, don't take shit personally.

Let's go.