91-Word Memoir Contest

I entered a contest today. I might win, or maybe not. What is definitely not going to happen is I will never know unless I try. So I did. The contest is run by one of the earliest and most eminent writing workshops in New York City called the Gotham Writers' Workshop. Only rule is that the story not be longer than 91 words, which I found excruciatingly hard. As you all know by now, I cannot write short sentences. Nevertheless, I tried. Below is what I submitted:

Same Coffee, Different Name

I’m Duygu; pretty common name in Turkey. Dionysia is my childhood friend, originally from Greece; our parents were neighbors. They argued a lot but loved each other dearly. Every night mine would offer Turkish coffee and hers would say “You mean Greek coffee?” So funny how similarities forcefully turn into differences.

Dionysia  and I live in New York now and both go by Dee. We turned differences into similarities. Besides Starbucks always gets our name right and we don’t have to decide whether coffee is Greek or Turkish. We drink Americano.