GRAND FINALE Sisterhood of Missing Red Lipsticks

On a beach at Hampton's

2: Oh my lord! What happened to you? Are you OK? Do you...Do you need any help?
1: What?! What the fuck!? What do you mean??
3: I must say darling, she's got a point.
1: WHY? I mean I know I've had a rough night but why are you two staring at me like that? 
3: Have you ever looked at yourself lately? 
2: Do you feel funny at all? Any weird feelings? On my god 3! What do you think, should we call an ambulance??
3: Ambulance? Ambulance for what? 
2: But! For her obviously!
3: Oh sure let me call an ambulance for 1 darling. Umm yes hello! Yes, is this the big hospital for broken red lipsticks? Yes...I shall need you to send an ambulance for my dear friend 1 here, she's been broken pretty badly. Yes, yes sure. The address is...let me see here for a second dear. This is Hamptons beach. Yes, darling. Alright splendid. We're waiting for you right here at the Hamptons beach. Uh huh....hmmm bye now.
2: Ha. Ha. 
3: What? I called the red lipstick ambulance. They'll be here soon! They said to tell you, number 2, that every red lipstick mattered to them dearly.
2: Fuck off! 
3: Whooo! Miss two, look at you! Fierce!
1: May I trouble one of you to fucking tell me what this is all about?
3: Are you drinking a little too much these days my dear?
1: I don't know...1 or 2...or few glasses of champagne everyday. Oh wait no, more like cocktails...
3: Oh you like cocktails too? I love cocktails. 
1: Fuck yeah! I do too! Jeez you should have been at that party the other night!! Or was it a few nights ago? I'm not sure...I can't remember. I still don't feel too well.
2: No surprises there...
1: What? What do you mean?
2: I said it's only normal that you don't feel too well. Just normal, you know...
1: Hey 3! What the fuck does she mean?
3: There there! Calm down both of you. Look. 1. You've got a problem, darling. I mean...You really are in trouble at this point.
2: Trouble? More like screwed!
1: Why?
3: Darlin' I don't have the slightest clue what might have attacked you, were...decapitated.
1: I was WHAT? 
2: Decapitated. It means your head was cho..
2: ....
3: She's lipstick #1 darling, lust. Don't take it personally. She's lusty, she can't help lusting. Besides cunt is not a bad word. It's full of life, don't you think? Such an active word...Makes you think.
2: Think? Alright here's a little thinking for you 1. Your head is not only completely chopped off from rest of your body, God knows where it might be, but it is also completely and utterly covered in shit. Based on my experience, I would say that this is dog shit. I should know. My dear Dee had one. So it is pretty safe to say that some poor dog bit your head off, swallowed you and then pooped you out. I swear to sweet Jesus I hope that poor puppy is alright.
1:...3?? Is she right about all this?
3: Depends. 
1: On what?
3: On whom she meant when she said "my dear Dee". Who is Dee, darling 2?
2: Dee is my first pair of lips or was I should say. She forgot me at her doctor's bathroom.
1: WHAT?
2: I know 1. It's not the most prestigious place to be forgotten or the fact that I was forgotten to begin with but I hardly think that you're in a better position to judge me.
1: No you arrogant love song! I'm surprised about the Dee part!!
3: You too?
1: What do you mean? Why are you surprised?! Oh! Don't even tell me! You too??
2: I am sorry I think all of you are grossly mistaken. I was special to my dear Dee. She didn't want any red lipstick, she wanted me!
1: Hahaha. Thanks number 2 for the laugh! I guess one can laugh even when buried neck deep in dog shit.
3: I must say, that was really funny, darling. So funny that it wasn't even naive. Not even for you.
2: I don't care what you think! I was the one for her. Her only love.
1: She bought me first you idiot! She discovered red with me! Not you! you're just a cheap follow up to my spectacle! 
3: Ladies. Please, I must apologize and bring both of you back to your senses by saying, I was her last red lipstick and yes maybe she did forget me in a bathroom too. But at least it was a luxurious one with golden faucets and cloth towels, not a white-tiled,  tight doctors bathroom, where hand sanitizer is constantly battling the smell of piss and tears of sorrow.
1: Wait, where was this hotel? I might check in and get back in shape.
2: Get back in shape? You need to get back in your container first!
1: Oh piss off!! Go show some love to crabs or something.
3: Hotel is right behind us, ladies. That big one over there. We were here to sell it to some new investors in town and she forgot me while she was freshening up at the bathroom. 
1: Did you roll down here all the way from up there?
3: Please, darling. I don't roll, I get carried around. I've met this darling couple, who were both cheating on their own spouses with each other. One thing led to another and you know...
2: What?
3: Darling, we had sex, but of course! 
2: Oh my God! So you've helped murder love!
3: Murder love? Darling, love dies on its own and do you even know why?
2: A) no it doesn't and B) even if it does it's because of liars like you!
1: Actually, it's because of lust, or lack thereof. If I'm gone, you're gone miss love bug. Don't you forget that! You exist because I do!
3: Well, one could argue that love exists only because lies do but I won't get in the way of an argument between love and lust. It's too much fun, I certainly can't miss it.
2: I exist because I come before you two. Lust is born out of love and lies out of lust. There's no argument here. Sorry!
1: Jesus, how the fuck did you end up here anyway!?
2: Well...After she forgot me at the doctors bathroom, this nice gentleman found me and took me to his wife, who was very ill. She was in a hospital and she looked almost lifeless. You know...colorless...So sad, really. So he gave me to her and I kissed her lips. It was such an emotional moment! Full of love. Her love, his love, my love for their love.
1: Oh my God! I think I've put thrown up in my mouth.
3: Oh I sort of dozed off...Wake me up when she's finished.
2: You two...I won't even try with you two...
3: Please sweetheart. Don't give up on us! Finish the story. We're listening! Promise.
1: Speak for yourself!
2: Anyway! So this couple's daughter came to visit her. She was in her 20s and had a boyfriend. The mother, oh that sweet loving woman, gifted me to her daughter, who was coming here to Hamptons for the weekend together with her boyfriend. After a party at their friend's villa, they came down here to watch the sunrise and that's when I slipped out of her back pocket.
1: You ran away?
2: Yes! What's with your tone?
3: I mean....I didn't think you were the free spirited type either, darling.
2: I am not! My name is Love. Are you kidding? I am loyal!
1 and 3: HAHAH. 1: Love is not fucking loyal. 3: Love can be many things darling but loyal is not one of them.
1: Wow!! 2! Such life in you, for the first time! Maybe we should get you angry more often.
3: No but did you find it at least?
2: Find what?
3: Love darling! Your own?
2: No. Instead I found you two.
3:'s what I suggest ladies...We cannot go back to our stores in Manhattan. We are all nonreturnable at this point. I don't know about you but I personally like the beach.
1: Yes. Full of half naked men and women. Life is good here if you ask me!
2: Everybody seems to love something or someone here. I've seen women in love with their jewels, men with their cars and even few people with each other. I am OK here.
3: Splendid! So we are staying then? 
1 and 2: Yes.
3: Perfect! My dear red lipstick ladies, welcome to your new life at the Hamptons.
1 and 2: Welcome!
2: Shouldn't we find an apartment first?
1: Or a hotel room for the night?
3: Yes, yes definitely.
2: And then we need to find a furniture store. For the apartment.
1: Or a car! I'm not fucking walking everywhere.
3: Yes that too, certainly. But first things first. We need to baptize our newly declared sisterhood of red lipsticks with a glass of champagne or two, wouldn't you agree?
1: No. Let's make it cocktails!
2: I am a wine woman. Rose preferably. 
3: Good! I know the excellent place for all three. Shall we? 

As they were getting on their way to the luxury hotel right across from the beach, Dee was on her way out of the hotel. She was going back to Manhattan. It doesn't matter if she had a good time at the grand ball, on the way to which she forgot red lipstick #1, or if she was given good news at her doctors appointment, where she forgot red lipstick #2 or even if she successfully sold the luxury hotel at the Hampton's.

What matters was that unintentionally she had united lust, love and lies. As dangerous as they are together, they are also nothing without each other. They are their own reason to exist and results of their existence. They might think they had Dee to thank for their sisterhood but they were in fact inseparable since universe started to exist. It's only a matter of time before they find each other again and again, every lifetime, every single time. As long as the world keeps spinning. sisterhood of red lipsticks shall keep being for love needs lust to survive and lust needs love to make sense while lies keeps them together.


Writer's Note: Red Lipsticks 1, 2 and 3 were not harmed intentionally, though definitely lost. Any injuries they encountered were solely due to personal choices they made. I loved every single one of them and loving my current one. I did attempt to lose it once, at a New Year's party in my friend's place. She was reunited with me safely, though I am sure she mingled with my friend's perfumes and maybe even her husband's ties. I do apologize for any unladylike behaviors she might have performed that night. She is after all a red lipstick and you know what they say about women, who wear red lipsticks. They are passionate, full of love and a little devilish. I should know.