Morning Pages - Red Lipstick #2

Red Lipstick #2

Oh Dee I am so happy you brought me to the office today. I've had such a lovely day with you. I was in my special bag pocket first and then you took me out, put me on the desk. You even talked about me with your boss. You have no idea how happy you make me when you recommend me to others. Goes to show that you really care about me. There's nothing more important than the love bond you and I have, you know. We can overcome anything if we're together. Your love for red with my love for you. Ahh...And now. Look at us now at your doctor's. You and I are more than just a pair of walking lips and red lipstick. I mean I am at your doctors with you. What other red lipstick came to the doctors with you? These are your most intimate, most private moments. Just think about it. You're most vulnerable when you are trying to heal, aren't you? It is your weakest moment when you know you're not one hundred percent well. If it isn't love to share those weak moments, what is? I can't believe I am declaring my love to you at the bathroom of your doctors but...Ohh what the hell! Dee, I love you. ... Aren't you going to say something? Won't you look at me, please? Where are you going? Dee? Dee! Come back to me, please. I am sorry I caught you off guard. Dee!! Don't turn off the lights! You know I don't like darkness. DEEEE!! 

She didn't really leave me here, did she? She wouldn't. She couldn't have because she cares about me. All this time we've been together, she has always taken very good care of me. I even had a special pocket in her bag, just like that special place in her heart. She is not leaving me! She's coming back. I know it.

5 Minutes Later
Bathroom at the Doctors

Won't you look at that?...Just like I've said. She's coming back for me. I can hear her footsteps. Hi Dee...But...Who...Where is...Who are you, Mister? Could you please call for Dee. Please tell her I have been waiting here in the dark for a while now but it's OK. I am not mad at her. Just a little scared of the darkness. Please, she'll understand, just tell her I am here. But no! Don't look at me while you' know, using the bathroom.I don't like that. OK I am going to look the other way until you're finished, sir but please do know that I don't appreciate this. Hey, what are you lifting me up for? First of all, you are a man, sir. Men don't wear lipstick. Not that I know of. Do you wear lipstick, sir? I mean...I might not be able to create that special bond with you, sir. The one I have with Dee...I would like to think that I am open-minded but still...Sir...this is happening all so fast. I miss Dee....

At a hospital
Upper West Side

Where are we now anyway? You just put me in your coat pocket, which I must say was very rude of you. I was cold and those 4 cents in your pocket kept bothering me the whole way. They were very loud; you should teach them some manners. Ahh...Who am I talking to? I forgot that you don't listen anyway. What is this place? A hospital room? This is not Dee's doctor's office. Who is this lovely lady here? Is she your wife? Why did she really marry you?..Sorry. That was uncalled for. I'm sorry but she's too sweet. She shouldn't be lying here on a hospital bed. My dear sir, is she the reason you brought me in here? Would you like me to try and cheer her up? I can definitely bring back some color to her beautiful face. There you go. Let me give her a soft kiss and l can promise you she will feel more alive than ever.

There. Just a tiny bit. Well, won't you look at that sir?! She feels better already. Did you see her smile when she looked at the mirror? I, for one sir can feel the love between you two. I can see it in your eyes and in her smile. I have to tell you; I miss Dee dearly. She is my one and only but being here with you is not so bad either. Where there is love, there is me and my red. I am in the essence of love. You see, when love is happy, it screams out red laughters. When love is sad, it bleeds in red. I make it happen, sir. I turn love red, just like I turned your lovely wife's lips red and my Dee's. I hope she is safe and sound right now wherever she might be. I love her but today I will love your wife, sir. Keep me by her side and stay at the other, sir. Together, we will make your wife well. Together, you and I, we will fill her up with love and health, sir.