Morning Pages - Red Lipstick #3

Red Lipstick #3

What? You think you're a big shot now that you're a business woman!? What are you doing in hotel industry anyway?..You should be in an industry for lying? Isn't everyone only lying to each other to get the business done? Why give all these industries different names? They're all the same thing; lies. We are all in the business of lying; not networking, not making connections, not calculating risk or analyzing profits. We are all lying. So don't be so proud Miss Dee. Misleading Miss Dee. You won't get far without lying. In fact, if I were your mouth, which I kind of am since I live on your lips, I would only open myself up for lying. There's no worth in anything else, am I not right? Oh Miss Dee..Where are we going now anyway? What are we doing in this town? What is it called? Let me take a peek at your phone here. By the way, you lied to me when you said I would have my own special bag pocket! Look at me sitting next to your precious Iphone. Jesus....bunch of bullshit...that's what it is...I don't like your Iphone. It's white, symbol of purity. Purity my ass. As pure as Chinese children's sweat working on the Iphone assembly line for 12 hours/day...Bunch of lies...

Anyway, let me ask my dear pure friend Iphone where we are. Hamptons! Oh boy! I like the Hamptons...Everything is so superficial that it almost becomes the truth. Their own version of it anyway. I feel comfortable here. Nice work Miss Dee. That's right, you have that investor's meeting today! You're going to try to convince a bunch of evil men to buy that hotel property in the Hamptons, aren't you? That's why you're wearing red lipstick you sneaky evil woman you! Well...there's no business deal I cannot close, let me tell you that. This deal is yours sweetie pie; just don't forget to apply an extra coat, will you? There's no truth that cannot be covered up with the lies of a of red lipstick, dear. Let's sell us some hotels.

At the bathroom of a hotel

Miss Dee! How many times do I have to tell you? Two coats aren't enough! Come on now. Do one more. Miss Dee! Stop playing with your phone, would you? Your phone is not going to save the day here honey. I will. Seal it with a kiss as they say...(giggling) Now there, there! I am only joking. You wouldn't be offended by a silly joke now, would you? Miss Dee! You need to pay attention here. Miss Dee? Miss Dee! Oh-uh...Miss Dee, are you or are you not coming back? I can tell you now that you'll be sorry if you go back out there without a third coat of red lipstick! You are not evil enough, yet. Miss Dee?..

Oh bloody hell, she really did leave me here, didn't she...How dare she? She didn't even bother to lie to my face, she just walked out on me...Oh well...At least I got rid of that fucking phone. What now? Can I lie my way out of this bathroom? Next woman who comes along, I will lie to. Easy peasy.  There! Here she comes. Oh excuse me madam! I think I've had a little too much champagne, I cannot seem to find my way back to my hotel room. Would you please be a dear and help me get out of here? Darling? Oh my! You are not a madam, but a mister! And you're not alone? What are you people doing here? Are you really making out in the bathroom of a hotel? Really? And I have to sit here, listen to it all? Magnificent. 

5 minutes later

Are you guys done? Good. Now if one of you could notice me and we could get out of here, that would be swell. Hmm...she is a hot one. Good for you mister! How many people did you have to lie to do her at a hotel bathroom? And you Madam! How many people did you do in a hotel bathroom? You two look like you were made for each other. Wonderful...Oh yes, thanks! Finally! Yes...I know. I am a great lipstick. Yes, red would look so hot on her. Should you take me? Yes, you should. What's that madam? You're worried I might give you herpes but you're okay fucking strangers in hotel bathrooms? Well, you are quite the piece of work, you know that. Yes, stop with the bullshit. Just let this fine man take me, give me to you and you to your lips please, so that we can all get out of here? Thank you! Where's our next stop guys? Off to the room so soon? If you're going to make me work all night, you could at least do me the courtesy of liquoring me up a little, no? I miss old world liars! Such gentlemen, you know. Today? Today everybody lies for fun; it's not a sport like it used to be. We lie just because. Sad really but it is the truth; the truth about lying. Oh won't you look at that!? Miss Dee is still here at the restaurant trying to close her deal. Miss Dee darling, don't waste your beautiful breath. You won't close this deal, you are not wearing my third coat. And me? Oh Miss Dee, I miss you. And yes, I just lied.