Je Suis là and More Things

Some of you might remember that as part of  my #AirbnbBookProject, I traveled around Turkey this summer, staying at different Airbnb homes and learning about my hosts' lives so that I could write about them and share everything with the rest of the world through a book. 

Well, I finished writing! Book is published and I am now a global best-seller. You can buy the book here.

No. I didn't. But if you did click the link, you'll see some of my wonderful Paris photos and hopefully double-tap. That's still free! Do it while you can.

I can hear you say "Paris! My, my! What gives!?" Airbnb Open brought me here. It is a global, annual event, for which some of us crazy Airbnb advocates get together and talk about how amazing we are. When I saw that this year's was to take place in Paris, guess what I did!? Yep, absolutely I went and bought myself silk scarves and culotte pants, but of course.

Last time I was in Paris, I still thought saying "Jacques Chirac" in French accent was the best cultural activity ever and I didn't even take notice of the amazing 3 Euro wine menus, at all! But now that I am all grown-up and appreciative of good (any) wine, I feel ready for Paris! I am not interviewing any hosts this time, though I am staying at an Airbnb home of course, with a French family near the Eiffel Tower in an apartment I would never be able to afford otherwise. They have 2 little dogs. They are the most excited creatures I have ever seen. Husband and wife speak limited English; I speak limited French. They have a 16-year old daughter, who is going through what any 16 year-old in the world goes through. She thinks New York is the coolest place on earth (I have to agree). We brew French coffee in the morning and chat in Frenglish. Life is perfect in my French home. Also, last night I saw this:

IMG_5466 (1).JPG

That doesn't suck either. 

I will update you everyday about how our global Airbnb cult group is doing. If you're like that New Yorker guy, who was on Humans of New York's new book Storiesyou might not want to follow Airbnb updates. He gets worried when everyone in the room thinks the same. 

That's OK. I still love you. Airbnb Open is only for 3 days. THEN I will have Paris all to myself. Hanging out with Hemingway, eating lots (and lots) of chocolate followed by gallons of wine accompanied by its best friend, cheese and just walking around for the purpose of walking are a few things I plan on doing. So come join me.

A plus tard!