In a Committed Relationship With...

One of my new year resolutions was to read (at least) 50 books in 2016. Yes I, too, have those and I find them quite the proof that a person is an actual, living, breathing human being and not a robo-survey taker. That’s how I test myself anyways.  

To read at least 50 books means that I have to get under my belt four books a month minimum and one extra every six months. That’s quite an undertaking for many of us in generations X to Z. It seems that only retired people might have enough time to read four books (and more) a month these days because they only have 25 friends on Facebook (50 if they have a large family with numerous kids and grandkids, names of some occasionally skip their minds) and haven’t yet turned other social media platforms into a living hell (Beware Snapchat! They’re watching you). Other times, they’re just bored and need to fill their time with hobbies that won’t require a spouse’s participation (nagging). Who knows what the circumstances are? One thing’s for sure; no one has time to read.  

I beg to differ but more important – I know telling something has yet to work in life if you want to change people’s minds so I set out to show that reading isn't about having enough time or not having any. Time is the irrelevant element in this equation; unlike desire. One of my closest friends has once told me (and I quote) that whenever she gets a chance to read something, she prefers to read useful articles about her industry that will benefit her in advancing her career and achieving her goals.

WOW. Dostoevsky just shed a tear on the other side and Hemingway had to take out a handkerchief to wipe it.

Long story short (see I already know I’m losing some readers at paragraph four, page freaking one) I decided to take on a mission to read 50 books in 2016 (such a brave heart I turned out to be). My purpose? Is to prove to my generation and probably few others to follow that reading is pure fun and doesn’t require a person to find the time. We can only find things that are lost. Time restarts itself every day giving us a new opportunity to not lose it so why worry so much?

Today is February 21, 2016 and I am happy to report that I am well on schedule, having enjoyed companionship of five books already with three more next in line before the month ends.

So far, I have read (and reread some parts of) the below pieces of fictional and nonfictional literature and better yet, internalized their core messages and already applied the new skills I acquired through these books in real life.


failed to put the fourth book in my read basket. Will make up for it in February. 


still debating what the fifth book should be. Any suggestions? 

In all fairness, a 2-week travel to Brazil slowed my reading schedule down but never stopped it. I will of course share my life-changing experiences in this beautiful part of the world, where I honestly think the creator was a bit more generous with its imagination while us, the humans were destructive enough to shadow its beauty,  without fail.

Just in case you don’t believe I can keep up the pace (or interest), below is a commitment contract that I learned existed thanks to a book called Carrots and Sticks

by Ian Ayres. His ideas around commitment are actually very impressive and well-worth fifteen minutes of your time. (You can find them here to dwell on the subject). If I fail at my mission, I swear to donate money to Donald Trump. That’s how serious I am. Also if you want to follow my progress more closely, let’s be friends on Goodreads and you might even catch a few of my thoughts and ideas on what I read if you fancy.

Game on.