Based in New York City, Duygu Aktan is an ex-hotelier turned writer, who selfishly uses people and all the crazy things they do as her main material. She strongly believes that she was an African tribe queen in a previous life, who used music and dance to mind-control her people, which is a clear indication that she was Pharaoh Khufu's cat in the life before, when he was busy with the Great Pyramid. She had to have been the one to give him the idea. As Dickens has put it: "What greater gift than the love of a cat".  

Born in Turkey, she is stuck between her Eastern heritage and Western ambitions and couldn't be happier about it. After all, what is there to write about life if not contradictions? Her writing muse sometimes bites her in English and other times, in Turkish. She prefers not to mess with the process and thinks that persistence helps when After Eight mint chocolate can't. 

Armed with a maternal passion for traveling and a suitcase full of notebooks, she is currently working on the #AirbnbBookProject .